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Deoksan Spa Deoksan Spa has long been known for the healing properties of the hot springs. MORE
Deoksan Spa
Hwangsae Park At Hwangsae Park in Yesan, visitors can enjoy the sight of Oriental storks designated as Natural Monument No. 199. MORE
Hwangsae Park
Yesan Apples Abundant sunlight of fall, proper temperature gaps between day and night, Heavenly-blessed natural environments MORE
Yesan Apples
Yedang Reservoir The best fishing spot in the central areas with the water surface area of 3,290,000 pyeong. MORE
Yedang Reservoir
Sudeoksa It has been told that Sudeoksa was established by a Buddhist monk, Jimyeong in 599 in the Baekje period. MORE
Gayasan Mountain A Noted Mountain keeping a deep cultural heritage MORE
Gayasan Mountain
Chunguisa The place where Maehon Yun, Bong-gil was born and grew up MORE
Sapgyo Plains The flat ground spreads wide along Sapgyocheon (river) to Sapgyo-eup’s Yongdong-ri and Seong-ri, Godeok-myeon’s Yong-ri, Guman-ri, Sangjang-ri and Daechon-ri. MORE
Sapgyo Plains
The House of Chusa Kim Jeong-hui Chusa Kim, Jeong-hui’s old house was originally situated in Jang-dong, Seoul. Once villainous councilors appealed to the king stating the house was too big, it was relocated into its current place Sinam. MORE
The House of Chusa Kim Jeong-hui
Imjonseong Fortress Imjonseong placed at the top of Bongsusan during Baekje Dynasty MORE
Imjonseong Fortress

Yesan Eight Taste

Beef ribs are seasoned with spices and
condiments, matured
for some time, and
barbecued at Sutbul. read more
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